Roof Tips When Buying a Home

Kellings Home Inspections LLC provides home inspection services in Waverly, IA and the surrounding areas including Waterloo. Our home inspector will inspect every part of your home during your home inspection.
The roof of your home is a vital structure that protects your home against the elements such as rain, wind, snow, and heat. You want to ensure that your roof is functioning properly to avoid problems with both the exterior and interior of your home.
Roofs do have a limited life span which is why it is important that they are checked during home inspections. In addition, roofs can suffer damage over their lifetime from storms and general wear and tear. When purchasing a home you should consult a home inspector with extensive experience providing roof home inspections to ensure that nothing is missed.
During our home inspection we will determine the current condition of your roof and the remaining lifetime of your roof. Call our home inspector today to learn more about our services in Waverly, IA and surrounding areas!