Fall Home Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Fall has officially arrived to Waterloo, Waverly, and the surrounding areas! The change of seasons brings football, shorter days, and the holidays. Fall also brings much colder weather to our area. You want to be sure that your home is prepared for the upcoming season. Our home inspector recommends a few simple tips to get your home prepared this fall.

First, our home inspector recommends that you seal up your exterior doors and windows. We recommend that you take a walk around the exterior of your home and see if there are any sections that need to be sealed. Ensuring that there are no cracks in your entry points will keep the warm air in this winter and also prevent pests from entering your home.

Second, our home inspector recommends that you have your roof inspected.  The Waterloo and Waverly area is known to get winter storms and you want to ensure that your roof is ready to protect your home. Your roof is your first line of defense against the elements and if it isn’t doing its job than your home could experience damage.

Third, our home inspector recommends that you winterize your outdoor hoses and faucets. Store your hoses indoors and shut off outdoor faucets. This will help prevent your outdoor faucets and pipes from freezing.

We wish everyone across Waterloo, Waverly, and the surrounding areas a wonderful fall season! Remember if you are in need of home inspection services contact us at (319) 231-6320!