Spring Maintenance –Back to the Basics

Bougainvillea flowers in pot at the park.

Daylight savings is quickly approaching this weekend. Once we set our clocks forward an hour this Saturday night we’ll slowly gain more daylight each day. Soon enough spring will have sprung and life will be in full swing from vacations to sporting events to family barbeques!

Our home inspector recommends that you take advantage of the extra daylight and check off your spring cleaning list before the chaotic summer descends.

Depending on how old your house is and when your last routine maintenance check took place will determine what maintenance steps are best this spring. However, our home inspector has put together a general “to-do” list to make your life easier as you check items off your list.

Home Maintenance Tips

  • Check out the HVAC
  • Clean out your gutters
  • Seal your deck
  • Clean out debris from your yard and flower beds
  • Clean out your fireplace
  • Replace any damaged weather stripping around window screens and/or doors

As always, remember that our home inspector provides home inspection services across Waverly, Waterloo, and the surrounding area!