Don’t Forget to Get Your Swimming Pool Ready for Summer


When the temperature and heat starts to kick in here in Iowa you want to take advantage of all the outside time you can get. However, before you can enjoy long summer nights on the porch and backyard barbeques you have to get your outside space in shape.

After a long winter debris build up and plants become overgrown. Naturally you will either hire a professional or spend some time bringing your yard back to life. However, if you also own a pool it is important that you take the necessary steps before opening your pool for the season.Swimming Pool: Swimming pool with stair at hotel close up

Opening your backyard swimming pool for the summer is a little more complex then filling it up and jumping in. It is important that you take a few preparation steps to help ensure proper operation and safety including:

  • Never empty your pool completely if necessary
  • Clean out debris, filtration baskets, ect
  • Top off the pool to ensure it is at the proper water level
  • Be sure to balance your pool’s chemicals

If you suspect that your pool isn’t up to safety standards for any reason contact a professional to survey the pool.

Kellings Home Inspections LLC wishes you a fun and safe summer!