Has Radioactive Gas Invaded Your Home?

Test for dangerous radon levels in Waverly, Cedar Falls, and Waterloo, IA

5 reasons to hire a professional to check your radon levels:

5 reasons to hire a professional to check your radon levels:

  1. Radon is a dangerous gas and professional inspectors are trained to detect its presence
  2. Store-bought radon detection kits can be unreliable and inaccurately gauge your levels
  3. Radon levels can change over time and require regular testing and follow up inspections
  4. Professional inspectors have a better knowledge of the gas and can determine where it could be entering your home
  5. Don’t risk your family’s health and safety. Call us today to schedule your radon inspection and we’ll discuss your radon testing options.
Emitted from decaying rock formations beneath your property, radon poses a variety of health concerns when present in your home. The most serious effect associated with radon is lung cancer.

The radioactive gas radon is colorless and odorless. It can seep into your home through your basement. Without a radon inspection, you have no way of knowing if your home is safe or not.

Kellings Home Inspections can diagnose your home’s exposure to radon in just 48 hours. We use an electronic monitor to gauge radon levels and can recommend mitigation experts if your levels are dangerously high. Call us today and we’ll send out one of our certified inspectors to check your home.

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